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In order to be able to register if you are a new student in Uppsala you need to be admitted to Uppsala University. We will check your social security number against our registers and then the future awaits! Welcome to Uppsala's student life!

If you are a student at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and not yet a member of a nation you will only be able to create a temporary account. We reccomend you visit a nation and become a member first so you can create a real account.

if you are a student at the techical-nature faculty you should register to

If you would encounter any problems during the registration, feel free to contact us. The most common problems are also available under the topic Help.

If you want to leave a nation/union you must contact you can contact the nation in question. Once you have done this you can pay your other membership fees here.

If you have not been admitted to a university in Uppsala but are interested in finding accomodations with a nation you can register a temporary account.

If you try to register and you get a temporary account you may have to wait a little longer to become a member through You can always contact a student union orn nation directly.

Please note that all nations are located in Uppsala!

Due to technical difficulties because we are launching a new website it is not possible to pay for your memebership at this site.

The reason for this is because we are launching a new website. Untis this is done you can unfortunately not pay for your membership at this site. What you can do is either wayt for the invoice to arrive to your home and pay trhat, or you can visit or send an e-mail to the nation you are a member of during their expedition hours and pay it there. 


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  3. Step 3 Here you choose what nations you wish to be a part of. Note that if you no longer wish to be a member of a nation you must contact the nation in question and ask them to terminate your membership.
  4. Step 4 Pay the membership fee